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Leaderboard Format:

No eliminations in Qualifying Rounds. All surfers in a division will surf a specified number of heats during the Qualifying Rounds, at least 2, to score points to qualify for the finals. Top 2 waves scored for each surfer during the Qualifying Rounds will be posted on the Leaderboard and will determine the finalists. Leaderboard gets reset for the finals where top 2 waves will count for the final score and determine our winners.

Divisions: Boys and Girls will surf separate divisions at each age bracket, no exceptions. Age is determined as of January 1, 2024.

Boys: Under 10 (Push-in Allowed)  -  Under 14  -  Under 18 

Girls: Under 10 (Push-in Allowed)  -  Under 14  -  Under 18 

Judging; Judging emphasis will be on committed, progressive surfing in the critical section of the wave with speed, power, and flow. We want to see big surfing and will reward it when completed with control. Length of ride is not part of our judging criteria. No restrictions on surfboard length or size, just keep in mind progression.

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